Strolling with baby in the minimum security yard
Alycia and Corey (3 weeks old)
Susan (8 months pregnant)
Amber (8 months pregnant)
Mandy and Hallynn (1 week old)
Viola and Eugene (13 days old)
Amanda and Dionicio (9 months old)
Kquan and ZeyShaune (2 days old)
Mandi and Gabriel (3 days old)
Dawnica, a caregiver
Osha (7 months pregnant with twins)
Penny and Jasmine (3 months old)
Rosalinda and Eric (4 days old)
Jessica and Malaquias (5 weeks old)
Samantha and Gabriel (1 year old)
Jenny and McKenna (5 months old)
Csenya and Lane (11 months old)
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